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A site that aims to build capacity for non-profit organizations in the Houston Region by helping them tell a more powerful story about their work and making their stories more widely accessible.
Each organization serves a different purpose and has a different mission. What they all do for Houston is to improve quality of life for others at a community, local, state, national, or even global level. These organizations are not dedicated to private or financial gain but to the advancement of public interest. These organizations have come together to fund the production and creation of this site with support from the Houston Endowment.
As you watch these stories you will likely learn something you didn’t know, you may be touched and perhaps inspired to volunteer, or make a gift of financial support. You can also see real time social media messages for several Houston area community organizations by coming to this one site. Bookmark it. Visit often. Get involved. The heartbeat of every successful non-profit organization is kept strong by people like you.

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